How to answer to an email ?

How to answer to an email ?


You have new LinkedIn qualified contacts. You have sent an email aiming to get an interview. Your interlocutor answers « I would like to know more ». What should you answer?


What you shouldn’t do

Talking about you, your projects… Inevitably you will offer him objection so he can decline the interview. This is the mistake everybody does. The real question that your interlocutor is asking is « Do you really know who I am? ».
The catchphrase of your original email wasn’t specific enough. You didn’t seem to know your interlocutor well enough.

The good strategy

You really need to do a real economic intelligence work, which hasn’t probably be done, and to talk to him about:

  • What you understood of his company
  • What you understood of his responsibilities
  • What’s inspiring him
  • Personal and professional links that you share with him like common passions, common commitments
  • In short, everything that ties you to him.


In conclusion

Center your answers on your interlocutor, on his singularity to tell him at the bottom that this is the reason why you want to discuss with him.
Pascal Faucon