How to write a direct approach email?

How to write a direct approach email?


You have new LinkedIn contacts. They are qualified contacts to boost your business or your career. You want to write an email to get an interview: How ? This post will hep you.

What you should know

More than 15 years of prospection can be summarized in 4 key words:

  • Catchphrase
  • Urgent Need
  • Legitimacy



The Catchphrase

It has to be as personal as possible.

If you are doing some mass mailing, the more your contact are targeted, the more your catchphrase can be unique and draw attention.

If you are targeting a VIP, the catchphrase has to rely upon:
Personal and professional links that you share with him like:

  • Common passions,
  • Common commitments,
  • How is he inspiring you,
  • What you understood of his commitments and those of his company.


Urgent Need

The object of the email has to be an urgent need of your interlocutor. Be as concrete as possible and the more direct. He will always try to save time, money or recognition. You should start from his digital fingerprint and the one of his company. Look hard because most of us don’t look hard enough.
The result of your analysis can translate into a YES question. For example, for one person who is in the desert and thirsty… The YES question will be then: Are you looking for an oasis?

The legitimacy

The signature of your email has to include a link towards your LinkedIn profile so your interlocutor can verify your ability to help them.

Let’s finish with an email.

M. Faucon,
I am writing because I noticed that you were a personal marketing specialist on LinkedIn, that you accompany executives in their prospections internationally.
Would you be interested in developing your offer on Chinese market?
If it’s the case, I am suggesting that we discuss this over the phone to see how we could work together on this subject.

Weishend Zhao
Director of the Agency SocialMedia based in Shanghai.
Pascal Faucon