3.1 million followers at 89 years old on Instagram

3.1 million followers at 89 years old on Instagram

On July, 18 2017, while I was celebrating the 19th birthday of one of my sons, Baddie Winkle was celebrating her 89th birthday. 70 years to the day separate their births. One of them was born at the time of internet, the other at a time where electricity didn’t even exist in houses. Woman from the past, Baddie Winkle has now more than 3 million followers on Instagram, much more than most of our children who, yet, use this social network daily. What lessons can we learn from this granny?

Baddie Winkle: A new life started in 2014

In 2014, Kennedy Lewis helps her grandmother to create her Twitter account. For the profile picture, Kennedy suggests Baddie to wear some of her clothes to do the photo. With her original style, Baddie’s success on Twitter will be immediate. Realizing the issue, Kennedy will advise her grandmother to create an Instagram account. At 85, a new life begins for Baddie.

Baddie Winkle lost her husband and her son but prefers emphasizing how it is important to live life to its fullest. At 89, Baddie creates incredible and original looks everyday.

Baddie’s lessons for each and every one of us.


Youth is a state of mind

We can be old-fashioned inside our head at 20 years old and young in our mind at 89. It depends on us and only us.

Don’t live with regrets

Baddie Winkle endured the trials of life, those which drown us in regrets and in the past, but she retained her desire to live, to explore, to move forward…

Everything starts now

At 89 years old there is still time to move forward, to have projects, to laugh, to create…

We never succeed on our own

Baddie Winkle could have never started on Instagram without her granddaughter. She has been helped.

Social networks serve a new adventure

Instagram was an opportunity to reveal Baddie Winkle’s creativity. It wasn’t the end in itself, just a modern and current way to make the incredible youth of this woman discovered.

Let’s move forward

Thus, following Baddie Winkle’s example, don’t let ourselves be trapped by pessimistic people about life. Let’s dare and move forward in our projects. Tomorrow is a new adventure.
✅ Pascal Faucon

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