Building up your community: where ?

Building up your community: where ?


In an age of multitude and digital, on which social network should we invest?There is no unique answer, it will depend on your goals.

If you are looking for

  • a network of professionals and executives 
  • who work or want to work in a globalized world

Then you have to choose LinkedIn.

LinkedIn in 2017 it’s more than 14 million professional profiles in France and 138 million in the USA.

Of course, LinkedIn isn’t exhaustive, but all the same:

  • The biggest professional address book that I am aware of
  • An address book with the CVs of executives and the information they are sharing

It is then a unique database.

Lastly, don’t forget that in 2017, when I am shooting this, LinkedIn is the only social network that allows me to access to the email address of my interlocutor when he accepts my contact request on the network.

Yet, in 2017, what is the key to get in touch with an executive : it is still and always the email address.

Then we will see how to create a « perfect » LinkedIn profile so that the executives you are targeting accept to make contact with you.
Pascal Faucon

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