How to secure one’s professional future at the age of multitude ?

How to secure one’s professional future at the age of multitude ?


Every one of us sees that our world is becoming more and more chaotic. In Yesterday’s World there were few brutal professional separations.

Today’s world offers us new opportunities every day while threatening our achievements. Business executives, sales representatives, engineers, we don’t have the certitude to keep doing tomorrow what we are doing today anymore. In this context, how to secure our future? What will be the real heritage that will allow us to bounce back if problems arise?

Michel, 60 years old, executive or the metaphor of the village doctor

Michel spent his life running French company in the world. Being an executive exposes you to the risk of M&As, strategic changes or conjuncture reversal… At the age of 60, Michel was « dismissed » like any one of us can be one day. Finding a professional opportunity in the French context is then nearly an impossible task. However, Michel will make this achievement happen. How?

Michel’s secret was his community of more than 30,000 persons today. Our community on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Wechat or Instagram is like the population of a village where we are the doctor. If the village is sufficiently big, there will necessary be one person who will come to you to seek treatment, if our expertise is recognized in the village. This is what saved Michel.

How to activate our community at the age of multitude?

A community can be compared to a classroom. We all knew moments when we didn’t pay attention… and others when we were captivated. The key to our attention can be summarized as the inspiration transmitted by the teacher. Activating our community is like putting ourselves in the situation of transmitting and sharing our talents. It is in these conditions that we become ‘teachers’, experts of our field of expertise, visible by our whole community. At the age of multitude, activating our community is like succeeding in becoming this inspiring teacher so everybody can come to consult us whenever they are facing a problem related to our expertise.

An inspired community: our real professional heritage

In this chaotic and uncertain world where we all know that our career will never be a long quiet river again, what investment do we have to favor to secure our future?

Succeeding in developing a community inspired by our talents could turn out to be the key of our professional ‘flexicurity’.

Pascal Faucon


L’âge de la multitude: Entreprendre et gouverner après la révolution numérique by Henri Verdier et Nicolas Colin


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