The perfect LinkedIn profile

The perfect LinkedIn profile


What is our ultimate goal on LinkedIn?:

  • To establish a network of decision makers
  • To get the interviews we want

Then it will all depend on two things :

  • Our presentation
  • And the way we contact our interlocutors

Let’s start with the presentation, it is our profile. What is a « perfect » LinkedIn profile?

The summary

Avoid reciting your skills which would demonstrate that you need to sell yourself so that you are unemployed or looking for customers.

I suggest three axis divided in three sections:

  1. Your singularity: Why you are here? What are your values? What do you believe?
  2. Your vision about the challenges of your job today.
  3. Your vision of tomorrow’s world in your field of expertise.


Ask for help if necessary. The goal is that you can be discovered as an executive :

  • inspired
  • professional
  • farsighted


Current expérience

This is the one the decision maker will look at: What are you currently doing?

Once again, avoid reciting your personal skills because it shows, above all, that you are in a personal strategy and it doesn't interest executives.

If you want to talk to decision makers, you need legitimacy… the legitimacy of a mission that exceeds you, that is bigger than yourself. Position yourself as an Ambassador of the company or project in which your are committed by valuing:

  • Its goal and not yours
  • Its added value
  • The persons, customers, partners committed to this adventure.

If you are not committed to anything… maybe you should start here if you want to move on.


The articles

On LinkedIn there are three types of people:

  • Those asleep
  • Those who transmit information
  • Those who really produce expertise, value, inspiration

Be in the third category.

Become the televangelist of your community, the one who, in his field of expertise, helps his community to get out of troubles, to think about the future.

How to become one? By writing articles.


In brief

A « perfect » profile, is above all, revealing:

  • your singularity
  • your mission
  • your expertise

Pascal Faucon

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